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Artist Biography of Chad Thomas Rasmussen

Chad Rasmussen Attended University of Michigan as a double business major and later returned to minor in theatre and dance; he also attended the University of Hofstra in Long Island for art therapy and the University of South Florida in Tampa for fine art. Chad has exhibited his work in L.A. where he was born, New York City, Tampa and many parts throughout the Midwest; as well as internationally in Copenhagen. Chad currently lives in Cincinnati, OH where he lived a large part of his life; he also belongs to an international group of artists known as the Emotionalists who exhibit their passionate works together throughout the world. His personal philosophy on art: "Art is what you make it".

Chad recently teaches at Evergreen/Wellsprings Retirement Community ever since August 2009 and just started teaching acrylic painting at Michaels in Westchester. He uses his skills as an art therapist and artist for both forums; "Art is therapeutic as is all forms of learning; I'm just especially fortunate to be able to specialize in a form of learning that has the potentiality to include anything and everything that is possible! It is also a form of communication, in which it has the absolute power to bridge the gaps of every type of language."