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Monday, 15 June 2020

Drawings - Cascobay Collage

Drawings - Cemetary Collage

Drawings - Collage Butterfly Effect

Drawings - Collage Cascobay Sunset 2

Drawings - Collage Chicken Nor The Egg

Drawings - Collage Cincy Under The Bridge

Drawings - Collage Easternprom

Drawings - Collage Lilly Sailboat

Drawings - Collage Ode To Braque

Drawings - Collage Portlandheadlight

Drawings - Collage Portland Harbor

Drawings - Collage Portland Harbor2

Drawings - Daisy Still Life

Drawings - Daisy Still Life2

Drawings - Daisy Still Life3

Drawings - Germination

Drawings - Germination2

Drawings - City Over Lake

Drawings - P1

Drawings - P2

Drawings - Pastel Drawing Collage

Drawings - Pastel Still Life French

Drawings - Pastel Still Life Thickline

Drawings - Poppies In Acrylic Frame

Drawings - Portland Citylife

Drawings - Springpointledgelighthouse

Drawings - Still Life Composition

Drawings - Still Life Floral Foreground

Drawings - Still Life In A Goblet

Drawings - Still Life In Corner

Drawings - Still Life Marker

Drawings - Still Life Sunflower In The Clouds

Drawings - Visitors Center